Technical Assistance: The Drive to 65 Act

The intent of this publication is to provide stakeholders with an orientation to and interpretation of SB 276. This document may be used as a guide to launch local conversations about CCR, work-based learning, career pathways, and most importantly robust CCR outcomes for each and every student.

Furthermore, this analysis will deepen stakeholder understanding of what needs to be done. This is the first publication by the Alliance on SB 276. Our network of partners will continue to design supports for stakeholders as they craft local implementation plans.

Download the Technical Assistance document.

About the NH Alliance for College and Career Readiness

The NH Alliance for College and Career Readiness (CCR) is a diverse and collaborative group focused on bridging policy, communications, and engagement efforts to help all NH students graduate college and career ready.

Our members include representatives from K-12 education, postsecondary education, business & industry, and the nonprofit sector. The Alliance works to create demand for a college and career readiness agenda by staying grounded in the reality of what is taking place in our classrooms and by taking a holistic view of the issues. As such, the Alliance operates as an independent and autonomous entity driven by its unique ethos of intentional grassroots engagement and support as an anchor for system-level changes to college and career readiness in New Hampshire.

We believe in a broad view of college and career readiness where students can pursue an educational experience that aligns to a wide variety of career options. As such, the Alliance has pledged to support stakeholders, specifically schools in their implementation of Senate Bill (SB) 276, passed during the 2019 session of the NH State Legislature and currently in effect (August 2020).

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