Public sessions on computer science education standards this week

The NH Department of Education is holding sessions this week to get public input on the state’s new minimum computer science education standards. The first meeting will be held Thursday, December 6th and the second is set for Wednesday, December 12th. Both will be at the Department of Education office in Concord.

  • A bill passed earlier this year requires that computer science and digital skills be added to the state standards. The department held six meetings around the state to hear from educators, administrators and the public in May and June, and now plans two more sessions in December before presenting a draft proposal to the state Board of Education.
  • In June, the state legislature voted to add computer science as a core K-12 subject. This week, the New Hampshire State Board of Education, which is responsible for recommending statewide academic standards, adopted the standards that will guide districts in developing the required curriculum.
  • According to the draft standards, computer science includes five core concept areas: computing systems, networks and the Internet, data and analysis, algorithms and programming, and impacts of computing. The standards emphasize project-based and problem-based learning, 21st-century skills like communication and collaboration, and personalized learning through competency-based assessments (like portfolios and project-based learning).

Wondering why we have academic standards? Check out our learning standards resources here for a simple explanation and view our easy-to-understand infographic that breaks it all down for families, students and others who just want the facts!

This week is National Computer Science Education Week! Families and educators can learn about code events taking place around the world, access free resources, and learn more about National Computer Science Education Week here.