Nashua students could earn hands-on math credits through CTE

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Nashua high schools are working on a pilot program to offer core math classes as part of Career and Technical Education programs. With these new opportunities, students may be able to earn algebra credits through CTE programs like robotics, giving them a more hands-on approach to learning. From the Nashua Telegraph:

Amanda Bastoni serves as the Nashua Technology Center director for the north high school. She said the idea is to study the feasibility of offering math credits in certain CTE classes. Currently, students still need to earn math credits outside their CTE program, but Bastoni said they are considering ways in which the students may collect algebra credits while participating in the robotics program and a geometry credit for the Machine Manufacturing program…

By incorporating algebra into CTE classes, officials said, students will see a different approach to teaching and learning.

“Research tells us students are more likely to understand and remember with a hands-on approach,” Bastoni said.

Still she said, this class isn’t meant to completely replace an algebra or geometry class.

“If math is a big buffet, this would be another meal option,” Bastoni said. “The math teachers already are doing a great job – we just want to create an additional course.”

Bastoni described this implementation as a “game changer” that will benefit many students, rather than only those in the CTE program.

“Now we are talking about really creative innovative ways of teaching math. And it’s not that math teachers weren’t already doing that,” Bastoni said…

In New Hampshire, students are required to take four math credits, but one can be a “math experience.” New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut said ultimately, those in collaboration are working to improve students’ achievements in math across the state and create an engaging environment.

“Algebra and geometry seem to be two abstract math classes that can be particularly troublesome for some students, so we have been working on trying to create some more engaging kinesthetic approaches in order for students to be able to wrap their heads around it,” Edelblut said.

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Source: Grant to add depth to CTE classes | Nashua Telegraph