Manchester works to address absenteeism in partnership with Boys and Girls Club

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The Manchester School District will be working with the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester to address attendance issues in the city’s schools, reported the Union Leader:

Just prior to the start of school last month, Vargas said in an interview with the Union Leader he was excited to launch what he called a “unique partnership” between the district and the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester, which gives the organization access to school attendance data in “real time.” Boys and Girls Club personnel can then work with students who are repeatedly absent, and try to determine why.

“They are going to be able to see daily whether children are coming to school or not,” said Vargas. “We are going to be working towards what I consider a key priority. We have a significant amount of youngsters that don’t make it to school every day. When a first-grader is not coming to school, that is not a child’s problem – that is a community, family and school issue, that we are working to resolve.”

Late last week, Vargas announced the formation of a new committee consisting of community stakeholders to monitor attendance issues and review attendance systems, policies and procedures in place at city schools.

The committee will be chaired by Parkside Middle School Principal Forrest Ransdell, and include district staff members Peter LubelczykKelly EspinolaLewis Cataldo, Sara LaughlinTim OtisPaula Greenspan and Arthur Adamakos.

Source: Paul Feely’s City Hall: Vargas to steer raise toward school’s parking lot paint | Union Leader