Capital Beat: Lawmakers gamble on budget with kindergarten funding plan

“Keno-garten,” the plan to provide more funding for full-day kindergarten programs through revenues from the newly authorized online lottery game, Keno, was at the top of Concord Monitor’s Capital Beat over the weekend. Both the House and Senate will vote on the amended bill on Thursday, June 22, but according to the Monitor, it’s unclear whether the bill will pass:

In the legislation, House conservatives, who oppose funding a full-day, and Democrats, who dislike expanded lottery, both have things to hate.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats, who in the past have been a driving force behind the policy, may oppose it after they say Republicans went back on a deal…

“We think we shouldn’t gamble on our kids’ future,” said Concord Sen. Dan Feltes. “It was a partisan backroom 11th-hour deal that makes full adequacy contingent upon keno.”

House Democrats aren’t taking such a strong position, but Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff expects some against expanded gambling will oppose it. He will urge the caucus to vote their conscience. Right now, Shurtleff’s leaning toward support.

Source: Capital Beat: Lawmakers gamble on budget with kindergarten funding plan | Concord Monitor