Students get real-world experience through ELOs in Hinsdale

An article that appeared recently in the Sentinel Source explores how students at Hinsdale High School are getting real-world experience and class credits by leaving the classroom. The Hinsdale Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) program provides students with rigorous and rewarding educational experiences that are supervised by teachers and field expert mentors. 

For some of us, high school wasn’t the “real world.”

But at Hinsdale High School, the real world means in-depth experiences outside the classroom in psychology, trades and emergency services, to name a few. On Friday morning, 18 upperclassmen made their final presentations for their Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs); the program is headed by ELO coordinator Karen Thompson.

An ELO can, for example, take the form of an internship, an apprenticeship or independent study, according to the N.H. Department of Education website, which adds that local school districts are encouraged to adopt policies that encourage extended learning.

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