Governor Sununu replaces Chairman Tom Raffio on State Board of Education

The Associated Press reported that Governor Chris Sununu has replaced State Board of Education chairman Tom Raffio this week. Raffio has served on the State Board of Education for 10 years. From the report:

Sununu is not renominating Tom Raffio, a longtime board member and president of Northeast Delta Dental, for a seat on the board. He plans to name Drew Cline, a former Union Leader editorial writer turned independent consultant, to the seat.

It’s unclear if Cline or one of the board’s six other members will become chair.

The board sets education standards and oversees the commissioner of the Department of Education. Board members already have sparred with Sununu’s new commissioner, Frank Edelblut, over science standards.

Sununu says Cline will bring an “outside perspective” to the board.

Cline must win confirmation from the Executive Council.

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