Governor signs bill requiring 2 week notification before teaching sex ed in schools

Image courtesy of Great Schools

NHPR reported that Governor Chris Sununu signed HB 103 into law, which requires school districts to provide at least two weeks’ notice to parents before teaching anything involving human sexuality or sexual education. Here’s an excerpt:

Sununu says the bill is consistent with his “longtime support” for measures that “empower” parents’ involvement in their kids’ education.

At least 22 states require parental notification before teaching sex or HIV education. New Hampshire’s bill will not require parental consent, but parents can opt their children out of certain lessons.

Bill sponsor Victoria Sullivan said that the bill is intended to start a conversation between students and parents ahead of the lessons.

Under current law, parents have the right to opt their children out of whatever content they find objectionable, which includes sex ed. Supporters of the bill said that advanced notice allows parents to review the content.

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