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10 ideas to encourage kids to read this summer

Great Schools published a list of 10 ways to help get kids reading this summer, from creating a readers' theater, to audiobooks, to throwing...

State Board of Education Seeking Public Input on State Math and English Standards

The State Board of Education is seeking public comment on the state's Math and English Language Arts standards at their upcoming meeting on June...

STEM activities to inspire fun and creativity during the summer

Manufacturing Stories highlighted a list of fun ideas to keep kids learning through the summer, focusing on STEM and integrating curiosity, critical thinking, and...

UNH physicist: “Edelblut fundamentally misunderstands how to train scientists” | MyTurn Concord Monitor

UNH physicist David Mattingly explains why practicing science, as the NGSS requires, is the best way to learn the material and become a problem solver.
Val Zanchuk, Graphicast

Business leader Val Zanchuk: “Don’t destroy a top public school system” – MyTurn in...

New Hampshire civic and business leader Val Zanchuk writes an oped about the damage vouchers would do to New Hampshire's top performing school system, making the point students from higher income families would be the primary beneficiaries.

Concord Monitor: Voucher bill probably to be retained over the summer and state employees...

The Monitor provides background on the lack of sufficient Republican support for the ambitious voucher bill and reports that the State Employee Association has weighed in heavily against Commissioner Edelblut's proposed reorganization plan.

Nashua teacher: Student engagement due to NGSS approach is amazing

  Lisa Janosik, a peer curriculum coach in Nashua, defended the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) after the Nashua Board of Education proposed delaying their...

Moharimet Elementary School’s first and only principal to retire in July

Moharimet Elementary School's first and only principal, Dennis Harrington, will retire in July, according to Seacoast Online. They published a wonderful piece about his career--from...

Achievement gap study: PACE special education students do as well as other students in...

UNH doctoral candidate Carla Evans looks at whether competency education improves academic achievement for special education students. She finds dramatic results: PACE students with IEPs do about as well in 8th grade math as those without IEPs.

Concord Monitor: State board, Education Commissioner clash on science standards

The Concord Monitor gives says that, although commissioner Edelblut testified that he was "the implementation guy," he wanted to review the science standards without SBOE authority. The board stated clearly that there would be no review.

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