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We are bringing together voices – businesses, teachers, parents, community members and civic organizations – from every region of New Hampshire to convey our shared vision for New Hampshire public education.

Our schools have made great progress in recent years. New Hampshire is a national leader in student achievement, in personalizing learning for every student, reducing reliance on standardized testing, and providing a supportive environment for teachers.  And we set high standards for our students.

But our schools face real challenges.  We need to further reduce our dropout rate, improve our students’ achievement math and English, enable more of our students to compete for 21st Century jobs. Your voice is important in support of a vision for New Hampshire’s public schools and setting high expectations for our students.

Reaching Higher NH would like to enlist you as an Advocate for Our Public Schools. When we talk with the media, legislators and the citizens of New Hampshire about how to continue to foster high standards for ALL New Hampshire students, we represent you.

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1. Promote the continued successful adoption and implementation of college and career readiness standards in New Hampshire school districts.

2. Expand personalized learning based on competency based education.

3. Support a system of high quality assessment that allows parents, teachers and school administrators to evaluate individual student learning and progress.

4. Support and promote initiatives that strengthen public education and better educational outcomes for students.

5. Raise public awareness about these issues.

6. Work with key stakeholders to educate New Hampshire citizens about these issues.


  • If you’re inspired to do so, give us a quote and a picture for the web site showing your support for public education.
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  • Some supporters might want to speak up for high standards. This might be in letters to the editor, opinion pieces, or on social media.
  • Attend regional or statewide meetings to hear from leaders, share information, and discuss issues in New Hampshire public education.
  • Testify to the New Hampshire House or Senate Education Committees on policy issues you care about.
  • Undertake other initiatives with Reaching Higher support.


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