Letter: Full-day kindergarten is an investment in the future

In a letter to the Concord Monitor, Newport resident Jaclyn Goddette writes that early childhood education programs, like full-day kindergarten, are one way to help break the cycle of poverty. Here’s an excerpt of her letter:

We know that early childhood education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty, so we should make it easier for families in New Hampshire to access child care, preschool and kindergarten.

Unfortunately, the state of New Hampshire still pays only 50 percent of the cost to adequately educate that kindergarten student. We must provide a full-day kindergarten program to our kids.

This would benefit not only children, who will be more prepared for a successful future, but many families would benefit immensely by accessing care they cannot afford on their own.

I am not alone in believing this is a strong investment. In fact, according to a November poll by Save the Children Action Network, 85 percent of New Hampshire voters agree that the governor should make funding for early childhood education a priority.

Senate Bill 191 includes full adequacy funding for full-day kindergarten programs in New Hampshire. I urge the state House and Senate to come together and include this vital funding in the final budget. It’s an investment in our future.

Source: Kindergarten is an investment in the future | Concord Monitor