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  • House Finance Subcommittee recommends further study on SB 193

    The House Finance Division II subcommittee voted 7-1 to refer SB 193, the statewide voucher bill, for interim study. The full Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on the bill on Wednesday, April 25.

  • House Finance Subcommittee changes accountability requirements under SB 193

    The latest amendment decreases accountability and increases funding for the scholarship organization by more than $200,000 per year. Students are still required to take an annual educational evaluation, but if they show insufficient academic growth for 2 years or more, they are required to work with the scholarship organization on an improvement plan.

  • House Finance Subcommittee changes adjustment grants under SB 193

    The House Finance Division II Subcommittee released an amendment to SB 193, the statewide voucher bill, on Tuesday that removes the $1,500 adjustment grant for wealthier communities.

  • House Finance Subcommittee makes substantial changes to SB 193

    The amended version removes the stabilization grants that would have protected districts from some of the financial impacts of the vouchers, changes the eligibility requirements, places enrollment caps on the number of students who can receive a voucher, and makes changes to the way schools, parents, and students are held accountable for the vouchers.

  • Reaching Higher NH releases report on support and opposition to SB 193 at House Finance public hearing

    Over 200 people came out to testify at the public hearing for SB 193, the bill that would create a statewide voucher program in New Hampshire. Reaching Higher NH found that 171 people opposed the bill, and 47 supported it. Read the report here.

  • NH House votes to send SB 193, the statewide voucher bill, to the House Finance Committee


    House members vote 182-164 to pass SB 193 as amended, sending it to the House Finance Committee. The bill creates a statewide voucher program through education freedom savings accounts. Find the roll call here.