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Don’t underestimate students’ ability to reflect on their own work

The benefits of reflection and goal-setting that student-led conferences provide valuable skills that go beyond the classroom.

Competency-based learning "the most honest, most ethical, and most responsive system"

Maine teachers are saying that the move to competency-based education is the most important work they've ever done.

Reflection and accountability at center of student-led conferences in Pittsfield

Pittsfield Middle High School uses student-led conferences to engage parents in students' self-reflection and goal setting.

PACE works to get the most out of student assessments without overtesting

States are trying to find the balance between quality and quantity in student testing, but New Hampshire is already pointing the way forward: the PACE pilot project.

Sanborn Superintendent Brian Blake "a true champion for children"

Dr. Brian Blake, superintendent of Sanborn Regional School District, was recently recognized as 2016's Superintendent of the Year by the New Hampshire School Administrators Association and the American Association of School Administrators. Dr. Blake has worked to implement competency-based education models and the PACE program in his district, and has made it a model for innovative and student-centered learning.

Empowering students to become active participants in their education

One of the pillars of student centered learning is encouraging students to "own" their learning goals, meaning that they become active participants in their...

When students are accountable for their learning, they’re more engaged and satisfied with school

The Notebook, a news service for Philadelphia's public schools, featured an excellent primer on project-based learning and assessment--two important pieces of the student-centered learning...

Building writing skills by giving students more and better feedback

What's the best way to improve student writing and literacy skills? Most educators would say practice. Encouraging students to write in a variety of...

Not your average summer school: Pittsfield Middle High School offers engaging, exciting summer learning...

Summer school usually gives students a feeling of angst. But Pittsfield Middle High School, in its commitment to anytime, anywhere learning, has transformed the idea...

Londonderry: One district's efforts to reach all its students

It's easy to underestimate what goes on in our schools every day.  You can see some of what the Londonderry School District is doing...