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Competency-based transcripts: do they affect college admissions?

The short answer: no. In fact, some colleges prefer them over traditional transcripts. New Hampshire's schools are moving towards competency-based education, where students "show what...

Capturing student learning and growth through competency and portfolio grading

As learning environments become more focused on group work to nurture high-demand skills--like collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving, one of the top concerns is how...

When the focus is on the student, not the class

At Pittsfield Middle High School, student-centered learning has transformed the entire school culture--from grading, to the classroom schedule, to how teachers interact with students....

Competency-based instruction in Concord schools means new grades on reports cards

In many schools, students will be taking home a different kind of report card this year as more classrooms switch to a competency-based model...

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