A message to my friends about Reaching Higher NH, a new resource for public education

I have become involved as a board member in Reaching Higher NH, an important new public education policy resource for New Hampshire parents, educators and elected officials.  We are dedicated to supporting public education and fostering high standards that give our students the opportunity to prepare for college, careers, and the challenges of life in 21st century New Hampshire. And I could use your help in getting the word out.

It’s easy.  Please just take these steps:

  1. You can be notified of new information on Reaching Higher just by entering your email over on the right.  And subscribe to our weekly newsletter by clicking the link to the right.  
  2. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, to the right.
  3. Post this message about us on your Facebook page
  4. Suggest that your Twitter followers by tweeting this message as well.

Reaching Higher is important to all of us.  Thank you for your help in getting the word out.