A message to New Hampshire school administrators

I’ve been talking with you enthusiastically about Reaching Higher NH and now we’re ready to go public!  And the board of directors, of which I’m a founding member, wants to make it easy for New Hampshire school administrators to be involved in our mission of supporting New Hampshire public schools in the public debate and helping our schools move forward.

It’s easy.  Please just take these steps:

  1. First and most importantly, sign up yourself!  You can subscribe, at right, to the newsletter and you can track education legislation in the upcoming session on the Reaching Higher NH Bill Tracker.
  2. In addition, please tell your board members that Reaching Higher NH is a new resource for school district policy makers. We have devoted a special part of the web site to posts that address the interests of school board members and will email them in the coming days to let them know about it.
  3. You can be notified of new information on Reaching Higher just by entering your email over on the right.  And subscribe to our weekly newsletter by clicking the link to the right.
  4. Stay up to date on education legislation by following the Reaching Higher NH Bill Tracker.
  5. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, to the right.
  6. Post this message about us on your Facebook page. And suggest that your Twitter follower follow us too by tweeting this message as well.
  7. Recommend active parents we could talk to about becoming Parent Advocate Leaders and teachers who could become Teacher Advocates by entering your name and the names and contact information of those we should contact here:

Reaching Higher is an important new supporter of New Hampshire public education.  Thank you for your help in getting the word out.


Mark Joyce