What is Competency-Based Learning?


Ask Why: A four part series exploring traditional practices in education

We all make assumptions about the way learning in school is organized. When we pause to ask why, we can learn from students and...
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Work Study Practices help prepare students for the future

Non-academic skills, like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication are being cited by employers as some of the most important skills that students need to...

Competency-based instruction in Concord schools means new grades on reports cards

In many schools, students will be taking home a different kind of report card this year as more classrooms switch to a competency-based model...

Students are thriving in this NH school thanks to a new approach

"Students at Parker Varney Elementary School are thriving with this innovative model of learning", says Principal Amy Allen. Competency-based education has transformed the classroom...

Community engagement and student voice transformed this Pittsfield school

Pittsfield Middle High School has transformed from one of New Hampshire's lowest performing schools to a national model for school-community partnerships and student-centered learning....

Deeper Learning: What We Know So Far

What is deeper learning? How can it help students become engaged in their own learning and development? Getting Smart featured an overview, including research...

NG2 program trades the status quo for flexible, responsive learning pathways

California-based education technology organization EdSurge featured a piece on New Hampshire's pilot "No Grades, No Grades" (NG2) program in 7 of the state's elementary schools. With...

What’s the deal with proficiency or competency based learning?

This video talks about proficiency based learning, which is another term for competency education.

The 3 essentials of competency-based learning: progression, opportunity, support

Competency-based learning could hold the key to helping students succeed by using their strengths to show what they know.

Pittsfield Middle High School’s journey to competency-based learning

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has put up a new web page about New Hampshire's approach to competency-based learning.  It features a...

NH leads the way, but competency-based ed is catching on in other states

New Hampshire started its move toward competency-based education over 10 years ago.  Most recently, school districts who choose to do it have participated in...

Implementing competency-based learning the New Hampshire way

Education Next featured an in-depth report on competency-based education in New Hampshire and how the state is leading the nation in innovative educational models....

Nashua student: grades should represent learning

The new grading scale emphasizes student growth and learning rather than how well they meet individual teacher expectations.

NH’s online charter school moves to a competency-based learning model

NH's online charter school is shifting to a competency-based learning model, where students can demonstrate mastery of concepts in a variety of ways.

Sanborn Regional High School principal: competency-based education has transformed my school

Sanborn Regional High School principal Brian Stack - together with the school's teachers, administrators and students - has transformed the learning culture of SRHS....

Competency Based Education: Transforming learning from a time-based to a learning-based model

At its core, competency based education (CBE) is a model that transforms learning from a structured, one-size-fits-all teaching model to a personalized, flexible learning...

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