NH school once in crisis, now a national model for student-centered learning

Pittsfield Middle High School has undergone a significant transformation over the past several years. Facing a 40% reduction in enrollment, reduced funding, and low...

All students can learn with personalized learning approach

A Rhode Island teacher explained personalized learning in a recent article for the Huffington Post: When I began working with Nina, she was reading and...

In NH, internships help students connect academic concepts to the real world

The Hechinger Report, a national education news site, is doing a series on New Hampshire's community-school partnerships and how internships help students connect what...

Commitment to 21st century skills at Sanborn Regional School District makes national news

New Hampshire has recommended that schools make 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, creativity and self-direction part of the regular curriculum. Educators call them "work study practices" and many schools have woven them into their curricula. EdSurge looks closely at how the Sanborn Regional School District has done it.

Souhegan HS Teacher Jenny Deenik on PACE: Performance Assessment is a way for students...

Jenny Deenik, a biology teacher at Souhegan High School, reflects on her work with New Hampshire's pilot Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) program...

The 3 essentials of competency-based learning: progression, opportunity, support

Competency-based learning could hold the key to helping students succeed by using their strengths to show what they know.

Sanborn students bring lessons to life in amazing MacBeth performance

Sanborn Regional High School's Drama Troupe isn't only tackling one of the most popular and challenging dramas of all time, MacBeth: the students are...

Don’t underestimate students’ ability to reflect on their own work

The benefits of reflection and goal-setting that student-led conferences provide valuable skills that go beyond the classroom.

New Hampshire leads the way in teaching students 21st Century skills

New Hampshire schools have become a model for learning that is rigorous, personalized, and meaningful, giving them the tools to succeed in 21st century life.

Competency-based learning "the most honest, most ethical, and most responsive system"

Maine teachers are saying that the move to competency-based education is the most important work they've ever done.