NH’s online charter school moves to a competency-based learning model

NH's online charter school is shifting to a competency-based learning model, where students can demonstrate mastery of concepts in a variety of ways.

Pittsfield’s alternative discipline program gains national attention

Pittsfield's restorative justice program teaches students the meaning of conflict resolution, while teaching them empathy and holding them accountable to their peers.

PACE works to get the most out of student assessments without overtesting

States are trying to find the balance between quality and quantity in student testing, but New Hampshire is already pointing the way forward: the PACE pilot project.

Kindergarten goes viral…the number of districts offering full-day programs is on the rise

There's a new proposal in the 2016 legislative session to provide full adequacy funding for kindergarten. Here's what you need to know about the status of full-day kindergarten in New Hampshire.

Sen. Feltes: Full day kindergarten "essential to closing the opportunity gap"

Senator Dan Feltes, cosponsor of HB 1563 that funds full-day kindergarten, talks to the Monitor about the importance of early childhood education.

Sanborn Superintendent Brian Blake "a true champion for children"

Dr. Brian Blake, superintendent of Sanborn Regional School District, was recently recognized as 2016's Superintendent of the Year by the New Hampshire School Administrators Association and the American Association of School Administrators. Dr. Blake has worked to implement competency-based education models and the PACE program in his district, and has made it a model for innovative and student-centered learning.

Senator Shaheen: New federal education bill allows states to determine the best ways to...

The Conway Daily Sun reported on the statewide response to the Every Student Succeeds Act, the federal education reform bill that replaces No Child...

Empowering students to become active participants in their education

One of the pillars of student centered learning is encouraging students to "own" their learning goals, meaning that they become active participants in their...

When it comes to student achievement, demographics need not be destiny

The Union Leader's David Solomon has done a major two-part followup, the most extensive reporting done to date, on the annual Smarter Balanced Assessment...

Sanborn Regional High School principal: competency-based education has transformed my school

Sanborn Regional High School principal Brian Stack - together with the school's teachers, administrators and students - has transformed the learning culture of SRHS....