NG2 program trades the status quo for flexible, responsive learning pathways

California-based education technology organization EdSurge featured a piece on New Hampshire's pilot "No Grades, No Grades" (NG2) program in 7 of the state's elementary schools. With...

What’s the deal with proficiency or competency based learning?

This video talks about proficiency based learning, which is another term for competency education.

The 3 essentials of competency-based learning: progression, opportunity, support

Competency-based learning could hold the key to helping students succeed by using their strengths to show what they know.

Pittsfield Middle High School’s journey to competency-based learning

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has put up a new web page about New Hampshire's approach to competency-based learning.  It features a...

NH leads the way, but competency-based ed is catching on in other states

New Hampshire started its move toward competency-based education over 10 years ago.  Most recently, school districts who choose to do it have participated in...

Implementing competency-based learning the New Hampshire way

Education Next featured an in-depth report on competency-based education in New Hampshire and how the state is leading the nation in innovative educational models....

Nashua student: grades should represent learning

The new grading scale emphasizes student growth and learning rather than how well they meet individual teacher expectations.

NH’s online charter school moves to a competency-based learning model

NH's online charter school is shifting to a competency-based learning model, where students can demonstrate mastery of concepts in a variety of ways.

Sanborn Regional High School principal: competency-based education has transformed my school

Sanborn Regional High School principal Brian Stack - together with the school's teachers, administrators and students - has transformed the learning culture of SRHS....

Competency Based Education: Transforming learning from a time-based to a learning-based model

At its core, competency based education (CBE) is a model that transforms learning from a structured, one-size-fits-all teaching model to a personalized, flexible learning...

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