Lawmakers Postpone Key Vote on Sweeping School Choice Bill


NHPR reported that the House Education Committee has postponed its vote on SB 193, the universal voucher bill, and will take it up at an Executive Session on Tuesday, November 14:

A key legislative vote on a controversial school choice bill was postponed today.

For weeks, Republican lawmakers have been working to revamp a sweeping school choice bill that was first proposed last year in the State House.

But despite the urging of Gov. Chris Sununu, Republicans are still divided on key aspects of the bill. Those aspects include which students should be eligible, and whether public schools should be shielded from a potential loss of revenue if students transfer out.

The House Education Committee had planned to vote on the bill Wednesday, but after checking with other Republicans, Committee Chairman Rick Ladd said they weren’t ready. He also said additional tweaks to the legislation are likely.

The committee introduced a new amendment, which Reaching Higher NH has transcribed here.  If you’re interested in contacting the committee, email them at or find their individual contact information (including phone numbers) here.

Source: Lawmakers Postpone Key Vote on Sweeping School Choice Bill | NHPR