What happens when you bring America’s top principals together?

From Multibriefs

Sanborn Regional High School principal Brian Stack, who was named New Hampshire’s Principal of the Year, met other State Principals of the Year from around the country at the 2017 Principals Institute in Washington, DC. Here’s an excerpt from an article he wrote about the meeting in MultiBrief

Speaking on behalf of my fellow state principals of the year, I can tell you that we are a humble bunch. We don’t generally like the spotlight to be on us, although we enjoyed the opportunity to spend an evening this week at a spectacular awards ceremony hosted by NASSP where U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos took time out of her busy schedule to personally congratulate us on our professional efforts.

When asked what we believe led to our selection for our state awards, most of us gave surprisingly simple answers. We listen. We put students first. We are endless cheerleaders for our schools and our school communities. We love what we do. Finally, we truly believe that we are making a positive impact on our communities in ways big and small, each and every day.

My award is a tribute to the many educators at Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston, New Hampshire, who work with me, laser-focused on redesigning our school to be one that is personalized, student-centered and competency-based. My family will tell you that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I see myself as an endless cheerleader for my school, my students and, of course, my staff.

I see my role as a school leader as the person who can make connections and leverage resources for our school community so that our staff can help our students realize their potential. Ask any of my fellow State Principals of the Year, and they will tell you they follow the same philosophy. Each of us represents the thousands of school principals across our country who believe this as well.

On Sept. 26, our group got to do what we do best — we took the spotlight off of ourselves and instead focused it on advocacy work for public education. You can follow our efforts as a group on Twitter at #PrincipalsAdvocate or #POY2017.

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