School choice solution proves elusive for Croydon

From the Union Leader's State House Dome

Dave Solomon gave an update on the legislative battle over school choice in the latest edition of the Union Leader’s State House Dome.

One of the two “Croydon bills” has been re-referred to committee, while the House Education Committee is scheduled to vote on the other bill, SB 8, on May 16.

The bills attempt to address the ongoing legal battle between Croydon School District and the state:

The town of Croydon has struggled for the past five years to come up with a legal way to use local tax dollars to send a handful of students to a nearby Montessori school in Newport, and Republicans in the State House have been promising relief.

But all that has emerged so far is an amendment to an unrelated Senate bill that will supposedly solve Croydon’s problem for a year, while the Legislature works on long-term solutions, according to Sen. Ruth Ward, R-Stoddard, the amendment’s sponsor…

According to Ward, that would mean a town like Croydon, whose local school only goes up to grade 4, could use local tax dollars to send students to nearby private schools, like the Newport Montessori school, as long as it is seeking accreditation…

“In communities like Croydon, that do not have their own public schools, it is essential that students have the choice of where they attend school to best suit their individual educational needs,” she said.

House Education Committee Chair, Rick Ladd, said that he’s doubtful that the short-term solution would pass:

“We have too many things that still need resolution to make this work,” said Ladd. “I feel that anything we put forward has to have some longevity to it; we just don’t want a quick fix.”

“The House is not prepared at this point in time to vote on anything,” he said. “We are getting closer. We just want to make sure we get it right.”

Source: Dave Solomon’s State House Dome: School choice solution proves elusive for Croydon | Union Leader