House sidelines school choice bill | Union Leader


Dan Tuohy reports in the Union Leader this afternoon,

A controversial “school choice” bill is being held back this year.

The House Education Committee voted overwhelmingly to retain the bill, which proposed state funding grants for students attending a variety of schools, including private and religious schools.

“Our New Hampshire Constitution is clear that private funds cannot be used for sectarian purposes,” said Rep. Mary Heath, D-Manchester, in speaking against the bill Tuesday. “This bill undermines public education.”

Committee chairman Rick Ladd, R-Haverhill, said that lawmakers, with the committee holding the bill, can better examine some of the remaining questions, such as outstanding finance issues.

“There are a lot of aspects to this bill which I think we really need to drill down,” he said….

The bill proposes creating “education freedom savings accounts” to support an eligible student’s expenses, including tuition for any public school, public charter school, private school.

Only four members of the House committee opposed the motion to retain the bill, and they did so because they wanted it killed outright.

Source: House sidelines school choice bill | New Hampshire