Boscawen mom supports school choice at press conference

National and local school choice advocacy groups held a press conference in Concord to support SB 193, the bill that would create an “education freedom savings account” program, or vouchers, in New Hampshire. The Concord Monitor reported on why a Boscawen mother supports the bill:

Stephanie Alicea’s son, Samuel, made headlines last year when he took a knee during the national anthem during Merrimack Valley football games to protest racial inequality and police brutality. She said the backlash led to his transfer to Tilton.

“I didn’t absolutely want to pull Samuel from the school he had been in since sixth grade,” Alicea said. “But his safety was at risk.”

Alicea said she borrowed money from her mother, took on five jobs, started a crowdfunding effort and tightened her belt. A program like the one being proposed would have been a big help, she said.

“What else can I say but ‘Wow’?” Alicea said. “I think that the stress of finding that money and relying on a GoFundMe (campaign). I mean, those things are amazing … but to kind of offset that. Even if it’s $3,500 or $5,000 a year.”

If passed as is, SB 193 would be one of the most expansive school choice laws in the country.


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