Letter: Council should vote against Mr. Edelblut


Wilton resident Ron Brown submitted the following letter to the Nashua Telegraph regarding Mr. Edelblut’s nomination as Education Commissioner: 

I encourage the Executive Council to vote no on the confirmation of Frank Edelblut as commissioner of education.

In defining the post, New Hampshire law states the commissioner and deputy commissioner “shall be qualified to hold their positions by reason of education and experience.”

It is my understanding that Mr. Edelblut has no degree in education, has not worked in an educational institution, has not served on a school board or school budget committee and has not been the parent of a child attending a public school.

The governor cited Mr. Edelblut’s management experience as a qualification, but there is a vast difference between managing a for-profit company and a state agency.

There are difficult decisions to be made and those decisions should be made by someone who understands the effects and potential repercussions of those decisions.

Having attended school district meetings with Mr. Edelblut, I have heard nothing in his comments and questions that lead me to believe that he has the experience required to do the job.

The commissioner of education is too important a post to be used as a political handout.

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