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Letter: No good reason against Edelblut


Barrington resident Randal Heller submitted this letter to Foster’s Daily Democrat regarding the nomination of Frank Edelblut as Education Commissioner:

I have been following Mr. Frank Edelblut’s nomination by Governor Chris Sununu for education commissioner. I am sympathetic toward Mr. Edelblut’s detractors who claim he is not qualified for the position. However, the arguments put forth against him really need to have more substance. For example, it is claimed that Frank “lacks experience.” When I hear that claim, I look to Dover’s School Board and Dover’s Superintendent of Schools and simply shake my head. In the words of Secretary Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make?”

Democratic Councilor Andru Volinsky expressed his displeasure with Edelblut for being a board member of Patrick Henry College, a Christian college that espouses a “biblical world view,” i.e., Christian Judeo ethics and moral principles. Would Councilor Volinsky prefer that Mr. Edelblut espouse the tenets of Wicca, or perhaps declare himself an atheist? As the candidate has pointed out, these concerns are irrelevant and have no bearing on how well qualified he is or how well he would perform in office.

To the opponents of Frank Edelblut, I am all ears. But please put forth a valid argument of substance. Otherwise, it simply ends up being categorized as nothing more than political rhetoric.

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