Letter: Edelblut is a great choice


Meredith Resident Don Ewing submitted a letter to the Concord Monitor supporting Mr. Edelblut’s nomination as Education Commissioner:

For decades the American people have put their faith in the education establishment that controls our public schools. Despite great increases in funding, too many children receive insufficient preparation for their future lives.

Gov. Sununu’s nominee to be the next New Hampshire commissioner of education, Frank Edelblut, is an excellent choice. He is brilliant, a successful entrepreneur and his focus will be on the success of each child rather than what is best for the educational establishment.

New Hampshire’s many fine teachers, schools and administrators should be recognized and rewarded. But some schools and teachers fail, year after year, to deliver the educational opportunity that every child deserves.

Our children deserve better, our taxpayers deserve better, and teachers and administrators deserve the excitement of working where everyone is dedicated to the best possible results for our children.

Edelblut brings excellent knowledge, skills, and a fresh perspective to this important position. He is dedicated to each child’s success. I urge everyone who wants our children better prepared for successful lives to support Frank Edelblut’s appointment as commissioner of education.

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