Rep. Kurk: A fresh approach

Rep. Neal Kurk (Hills-02) submitted this letter to the editor, featured in the Concord Monitor:

A better education for New Hampshire’s children? That’s what might happen if Frank Edelblut, Gov. Sununu’s nominee for commissioner of the N.H. Department of Education, is confirmed by the Executive Council.

For decades, the department has been led by commissioners whose training, experience and beliefs have been shaped by the traditional educational establishment. New Hampshire has benefited from this. But it will also benefit, and perhaps benefit more, from nontraditional leadership, from someone who brings a different set of experiences and values.

Leading an educational bureaucracy is different from brain surgery or midwifery. It involves a vision of maximizing each child’s intellectual talents, and it benefits from experience running large organizations; it does not involve the technical skills and training required of competent medical professionals.

Edelblut has that vision and that experience and as commissioner will inspire and energize our educational establishment to the benefit of the state’s schoolchildren.

Read the full letter here.

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