Kensington resident: Say ‘no’ to Edelblut nomination


Here’s a letter to the editor by Kensington resident Susan Varn, featured in Seacoast Online:

As a longtime New Hampshire resident and grateful parent of public-schooled children, I am very concerned about Governor Chris Sununu’s nomination of Frank Edelblut as commissioner of education.

More than ever, our public school system needs a strong leader who will advocate fiercely for the highest quality public education for the great majority of N.H. families that depends on our local schools. Without any professional experience in education and having home-schooled his own children, Mr. Edelblut does not have the requisite knowledge or experience to effectively lead our public school system.

I am aghast that Mr. Edelblut called himself “the implementation guy” who will carry out others’ agenda in his hearing. Surely there are far better prospects who will truly lead our schools with vision and conviction.

The great majority of N.H. families utilizes public education, and we all deserve a commissioner who believes in making public schools better, rather than diverting resources to encourage “school choice.” Mr. Edelblut’s bias toward charter schools was crystal clear during his own political campaign. For many families, public school is the only choice – and a very good one that can get even better with highest quality leadership.

I am outraged to say this nomination looks like a consolation prize from Gov. Sununu tossed out to his former opponent. We deserve so much better.

Read the full letter here.

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