Huffington Post features "Smart Parents" blog to help parents advocate for student centered learning models

The Huffington Post, in partnership with the Nellie Mae Foundation, is launching a new blog called “Smart Parents,” featuring articles and stories about innovative  “Smart Parents” features stories and articles on innovative teaching and learning strategies, as well as tips on how parents can create and advocate for student centered learning models in their children’s schools, such as:

Learning is Personal for Your Child: Personalized learning transforms the teacher-student relationship so that students are responsible for their learning and engage in ways that are meaningful and motivating. This article helps parents figure out how their child learns best and how can they can use that information to motivate him or her to learn and engage in the classroom.

10 Ways to Inspire a Love of Learning: Rather than having to “sneak” learning into educational games and videos, how can parents inspire children to be lifelong, intentional learners and to challenge themselves in new and meaningful ways?

One Family’s Journey Exemplifies Anytime-Anywhere Learning: One family’s six-month trip through Europe and Asia meant that their three children would have to miss a semester of school, but that didn’t stop them from connecting schooling, learning, and traveling–and have one message: try not to let schooling get in the way of learning.

Changing the Mindset of Education: Every Child is Unique: Parents must expect their school systems to figure out how to incorporate each child’s strengths and interests in their learning, transforming education from one-size-fits-all to one-size-fits-one.

Find the “Smart Parents” blog here.