Become a Parent Advocate Leader – a PAL of New Hampshire public schools

Reaching Higher NH joins parents in working to ensure that your children are equipped to be successful, with bright futures.

Part of the Reaching Higher mission is to make parents voices heard.  “Parent Advocate Leaders” – PALs – are those voices. There’s no precise definition of a PAL, but you probably know what we mean. PALs of New Hampshire public education are parents who care about their schools and are willing to play an active role in their communities. Maybe you’ve gone to teacher or parent meetings and find that you have the energy to pitch in and help out.

If you feel you might be a PAL of New Hampshire public education, here is where you sign up to join with others in making voice heard in support of our students and schools.  You will be joining with other PALs and can choose to:

  • Subscribe to the PAL email newsletter and website posts that provide information on the New Hampshire education issues. Some PALs may also want to contribute blog posts about their family’s current experience or about policy issues under discussion.
  • Attend local and regional meetings with other PALs.
  • Speak up for high standards. This might be in letters to the editor, opinion pieces, or on social media.
  • Identify other parents to join the PAL network.
  • Participate in regional or statewide meetings to hear from leaders, share information, and discuss issues in New Hampshire public education.
  • Speak to the New Hampshire House or Senate Education Committees on policy issues you care about.
  • Undertake other initiatives with Reaching Higher NH support.

Being a PAL of New Hampshire Public Education will not necessarily take much time but if you want to take a more active role in strengthening New Hampshire schools, Reaching Higher NH will support you in doing that.  It is important that parents, who believe that high standards for ALL New Hampshire students are the foundation for personal, civic and economic success in our State, play a visible role in that debate.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the role of a PAL, just email Evelyn Aissa, Executive Director, at

Or sign up right now:

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And if you would like to start now telling others why you support New Hampshire public schools,