Teachers Support Our Public Schools

If we invest in our schools, we can build a solid foundation for generations to come

“Public education has always represented the community to me — the place where we raise our children together to define our futures. It makes sense that if we invest in our schools, our children, and our educators, we can build a solid foundation for the generations that will continue to […]

We can do anything we put our minds to

My motivator for my students is:  “There is no such word as can’t. You can do anything you put your mind to!” -Patty Smith, Science Teacher, Hollis-Brookline

Teachers set a high bar, and students have proven they can meet it

“One does not stay in public education for almost 40 years without understanding the importance of a challenging curriculum.  Teachers have a vested interest in turning out students who have proven that they can meet high standards — so, we set the bar high.” -Marsha Journay, Social Studies Teacher, Manchester […]

The incredible dedication of my colleagues to our students comes from what we believe to be our obligation to set a high standard for what it means to be an American citizen

“We expect a great deal from our students; and, in return, they receive a great deal from us.  The incredible dedication of my colleagues to our students, many of who are recent arrivals to the United States, comes from what we believe to be our obligation to set a high […]

Common Core emphasizes writing well in all subject areas, not just Language Arts

“The Common Core state standards stress the importance of writing well in all subject areas. At Lebanon Middle School, 7th and 8th grade language arts teachers are leading team book studies this year through the use of Writing for Understanding: Using Backward Design to Help All Students Write Effectively. Highly qualified and […]

“Homer, Shakespeare, Flaubert, and Twain are still staples of the high school syllabus”

“I am not sure the general public is aware of what is expected of today’s high school student. There is this myth of the easy A or the dumbed-down curriculum. I wonder if my 9th graders who are reading 30 pages of Orwell tonight believe those myths. I also suspect […]

Teachers are role models and difference makers

“Public educators are among the most trusted, selfless, and valuable members in every community. They can be just out of college, in a second career, from the Armed Forces — it does not matter.  They serve others by trying to make a positive impact in a lasting way. Public educators […]

My students become motivated and inspired when they realize our nurturing and safe learning environment

“As an English language learner teacher in a public school, I have the profound honor to teach students from all over the globe. My refugee and immigrant students become motivated and inspired learners when they realize that public schools in America raise academic standards and foster a nurturing and safe […]

Teaching has allowed me to share a subject I love and see the growth of young minds

“Fourteen years ago, I left engineering to become a public school teacher. On my first day a very concerned student asked “did you make more money as an engineer?” I cautiously replied “yes.” He then solemnly advised me “my mom is a financial advisor and she would say that you […]

Public education must remain New Hampshire’s greatest asset

“Today’s students are raised within a world of rich resources. To ensure that those resources reach all students, no matter the background, public education must remain  New Hampshire’s greatest asset. Reaching Higher NH will use a collaborative approach to advocate for our students and teachers in order to maintain the […]

Public education prepares 21st century thinkers for the complex challenges the future holds

“Public education allows all students to work together and to challenge themselves through learning important skills and abilities. As a new music teacher, I look forward to interacting with students not only by bringing music to their lives, but also by offering them a learning environment in which they can […]

I have seen children blossom under the guidance of dedicated, inspiring educators

“For the past seven years I have been privileged to work alongside a team of committed educators.  These men and women set high expectations for their students and then work tirelessly to help them reach new heights, both academically and personally. As the proud mother of two daughters, currently students […]

Higher standards have brought teaching and learning to a whole new level

“Bringing the new standards into my classroom has brought my teaching to a whole new level and I see the results in the progress my students make. My students used to write fairy tales. Now  they write opinion pieces.” -Jennifer Manning, Kindergarten teacher, Memorial Elementary School, Newton

Competency-based education helps teachers clearly identify where students excel and where they need more help

“We’re committed to competency based education. “It’s not just, “You got 80% on this test.” It’s, “These are the skills in which you are competent or better. And these are the skills in which you’re not yet competent.” These are what we’re going to continue work on. That clearly spells […]

Our democracy depends on this amazing work

“My favorite thing I do as a teacher is teaching young children to read. Every year, I LOVE to watch for that moment when each child becomes a “reader” – the excitement it brings, the world it opens for them, the sense of pride and accomplishment after tremendous amounts of […]

Above all, we want our students to be able to succeed no matter what they choose to do beyond high school

“We want to be able to give our teachers the tools to help them move students in the direction that will help these students succeed in whatever they choose to do.” -Selma Naccach-Hoff, English Teacher, Manchester School District

We need to put aside politics and unite to meet our common goals

“It is easy these days to be caught-up in the public discourse about education. However, it is imperative that we rally around what we have in common – the goal to help students learn, achieve, and succeed. So many debates distract and divide us. We must put those aside and […]

We need to remember that a high-quality, free public education is the spring board for launching the next generation

“We educate all the children, not just ones who pass a test or pay a lot of money as they do in Europe and  in other parts of the world. In the United States, we the people offer a free public education to all. This special American quality provides the […]

Teachers and students strive for greatness together

“Education is more than academics. Our students strive to be successful community members,  and this takes work to support the whole child by focusing on social and emotional growth as well as content areas. We strive for greatness together, teaching and learning from each other.” -Lucy Canotas, Teacher, 5th Grade, […]

Public education is the primary way our country provides opportunity for all citizens

“Public education for all children – rich or poor, gifted or challenged, urban or rural – is the primary way  our country provides opportunity for all citizens. It is imperfect, stressed, underfunded, and sometimes lousy, but the system and those who work in it deserve our nation’s support as we […]

If you set high standards, kids will try hard to meet them

“It may seem strange to someone who is not in the classroom, but it’s true: If you set high standards and expectations, kids will try hard to meet them.” -Marc Tagalakis, Social Studies Teacher, Manchester High School Central, Manchester

One feature of the modern high school is prudent flexibility

“One feature of the modern high school is prudent flexibility, a concept that embraces the need to follow established pedagogy that has proven effective over the years while bending and shaping teaching methods to address the rapidity of change.  My syllabus includes Shakespeare, Dickens, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, and Capote, but it […]

Public education is the heart beat to the life of a child’s community

“Public education is the heart beat to the life of a child’s community. It is through public education that all children are provided a chance to learn, grow, prosper, make friends and gain an understanding of the world around them.” -Cheryl Sager, Teacher, Special Education

Higher standards mean kids are digging deeper and rising to expectations

“I have to say I really liked the increased expectations under the new higher standards. The kids are reading complex, difficult texts and not just saying, ‘Okay, I’ve read that page’. They’re digging deeper. As they go through high school and college and on to grad school, those are skills […]