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EVENT: Help Your Children Explore Careers & Educational Opportunities

CKE Consulting, in partnership with AWATO, is hosting an event is for parents of middle and high school-aged children to help them explore careers and...

Spaulding seniors have high visibility opportunities at the national and local level through ELOs

As part of their Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs), two Spaulding High School seniors were able to pursue their passions outside of the school's walls...

When the focus is on the student, not the class

At Pittsfield Middle High School, student-centered learning has transformed the entire school culture--from grading, to the classroom schedule, to how teachers interact with students....

NH school once in crisis, now a national model for student-centered learning

Pittsfield Middle High School has undergone a significant transformation over the past several years. Facing a 40% reduction in enrollment, reduced funding, and low...

Don’t underestimate students’ ability to reflect on their own work

The benefits of reflection and goal-setting that student-led conferences provide valuable skills that go beyond the classroom.

New Hampshire leads the way in teaching students 21st Century skills

New Hampshire schools have become a model for learning that is rigorous, personalized, and meaningful, giving them the tools to succeed in 21st century life.

Competency-based learning "the most honest, most ethical, and most responsive system"

Maine teachers are saying that the move to competency-based education is the most important work they've ever done.

Reflection and accountability at center of student-led conferences in Pittsfield

Pittsfield Middle High School uses student-led conferences to engage parents in students' self-reflection and goal setting.

Implementing competency-based learning the New Hampshire way

Education Next featured an in-depth report on competency-based education in New Hampshire and how the state is leading the nation in innovative educational models....

Pittsfield’s alternative discipline program gains national attention

Pittsfield's restorative justice program teaches students the meaning of conflict resolution, while teaching them empathy and holding them accountable to their peers.

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