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New Hampshire ranks 4th in the US for quality public education

The Education Week Research Center ranked New Hampshire fourth in the country in its 2018 Quality Counts report, which examines the role of education in...

Massachusetts education advocate looks to NH as a model for meaningful assessment

Education advocate Lisa Guisbond used New Hampshire's performance assessment model, PACE, when advocating for more meaningful measures of student and school progress. From the...

Brattleboro Reformer: “NH House should follow in Senate’s footsteps” and fund full-day kindergarten

Governor Chris Sununu told the House Education Committee that wherever he goes, communities talk about New Hampshire's need for full-day kindergarten. Vermont's Brattleboro Reformer...

Competency-based learning "the most honest, most ethical, and most responsive system"

Maine teachers are saying that the move to competency-based education is the most important work they've ever done.

NH leads the way, but competency-based ed is catching on in other states

New Hampshire started its move toward competency-based education over 10 years ago.  Most recently, school districts who choose to do it have participated in...

PACE works to get the most out of student assessments without overtesting

States are trying to find the balance between quality and quantity in student testing, but New Hampshire is already pointing the way forward: the PACE pilot project.

When students are accountable for their learning, they’re more engaged and satisfied with school

The Notebook, a news service for Philadelphia's public schools, featured an excellent primer on project-based learning and assessment--two important pieces of the student-centered learning...

This Maine teacher shows how multiple chances to demonstrate competency can be a learning...

Courtney Belolan, a teacher and teaching coach in Maine's RSU 2 school district, which serves communities north of Augusta, explains how student-centered learning can...

Student-centered assessments put learners’ strengths first

In the Maine classrooms of RSU 2, the school districts serving several communities near Augusta, instructional coach Courtney Belolan helps teachers use a different...

New science standards encourage learning through inquiry and experiment

Next Generation Science Standards are replacing traditional science standards in many California school districts, which incorporate engineering and technology into the classroom.

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