Supporters of New Hampshire’s public schools

Children who succeed in school become productive citizens

“My name is Hector F. Urrea, Sr.  I am a youth counselor from Office of Youth Services in Manchester. I am a father of two great boys, both of whom were born in Nashua and now attend Nashua public schools.  My wife and I are first-generation immigrants from Colombia. We […]

Public schools have served my children well

“The public schools have served my children well. I know they worked hard to reach the standards their teachers set for them.” -Sue Berry, Parent, Manchester High School Central, Manchester

Susan Zimmerman

Acceptance for ALL students, including those with disabilities, has lead to amazing experiences for my children

“I have two boys who have been in the Concord School system since kindergarten.  Simon is now in 5th grade at Abbot Downing Elementary and Oliver is currently in 8th grade at Rundlett Middle School.  Oliver has Down Syndrome.  When our family moved to the area, we were hoping to find a school […]

Through competency-based education, my kids are motivated to set and achieve personal goals

“My experience with the New Hampshire public school system has spanned 17 years. I can honestly say that the public schools today have improved tremendously from when my oldest attended in the 1990’s. My fifth and seventh graders are motivated to set and achieve personal goals with the tools they […]

I’m suprised every day by what our teachers and students can do

“I’m surprised every day by what our teachers and students can do.” -Ellen Hume-Howard, Director of Curriculum Development, Sanborn Regional School District

Public education offers all children the opportunity to achieve their possibilities

“As a leader in the realm of public education, my goal is to provide rigorous and authentic learning opportunities for all children, regardless of what goes on in their lives outside school. Learning in our school takes place in a diverse environment, modeled after the setting students will experience in […]

“Common Core Standards have strengthened our local control of our schools”

“As a parent at Rye Elementary and Rye Junior High Schools I’ve seen teachers embrace Common Core Standards and implement them across our school district, increasing the richness and rigor of both curriculum and instruction for all students. Common Core Standards have strengthened our local control of our schools by […]

As a parent, I believe all children in NH should have strong public schools to attend with high standards

“I am the parent of two boys who attend Concord elementary schools. My oldest is in grade 5, and my younger son is in grade 3 at Penacook Elementary School. PES is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.  This framework fosters inquiry based teaching and learning, which essentially means that […]

Public schools should be a place where students can rethink the status-quo, forge new bonds, and establish new frontiers

“Pubic education can and should strive to reach the Jeffersonian ideal of “an enlightened citizenry… capable of making informed decisions in the marketplace of ideas.” Our students can and should engage in that robust exchange of ideas; free thought unfettered by expectation or convention, but borne out of the teeming […]

Education is the means by which New Hampshire will prepare for the future

“Education is the means by which New Hampshire will prepare for the future, produce knowledgeable and involved citizens, strengthen the economy, and continue to be one of the most innovative states in our country.” -Mary Heath, Former Deputy Commissioner of Education, State of New Hampshire

I support public education because it offers every child in the community the opportunity for success

“I am a proud mother of two daughters who go to public school in NH. Public schools are not exclusive and represent diversity among courses, faculty, and students.  I support public education because it offers every child in the community the opportunity for success.” -Amy Bradley, Parent, McDonough School, Manchester

Our public schools are essential to the well-being of our children and our communities

“Our public schools are the best, and often times the only, hope for the children in our communities to have a legitimate opportunity for a healthy future. This is true for the health of our communities as well. We desperately need to very thoughtfully and constructively depoliticize public education in […]

Public education in NH prepares students to become productive citizens in the real world

“Public education in New Hampshire, particularly in Manchester, prepares students to become productive citizens in the real world. Strong academics are fueled by strong competition from a socioeconomically diverse student body, which distinguishes our public schools and reflects the challenges awaiting all students in adulthood.” -John Kacavas, Parent, Manchester High […]

NH Teachers and administrators are dedicated, innovative, engaging, and challenging

“The teachers and administrators we have encountered in our public schools are dedicated, innovative, engaging, and challenging — all traits for successful learning and achievement. Our children also thrive socially in the local community, which we believe is a major benefit of public education, as they play with the friends […]

My kids are well prepared for work and college because of our public schools

“My kids have been prepared well to tackle the demands of college and the work world by the public schools they have attended, and they have always been required to work hard in order to succeed.” -Claudette Knieriem, Parent, Manchester High School Central, Hooksett

I have seen what challenges teachers can overcome by working together”

“I have worked in the public school systems in Manchester and Nashua, and my children attended public schools. On a daily basis, both at home and at work, I have seen the demands that teachers place on themselves and their students. What challenges they can overcome by working together.” -Maria […]

Our schools are unstoppable if we all work together

“As a public school product, public school parent, and school board member, I have seen what public schools are capable of when the community rallies around to support the work our schools do to prepare the next generation. Our schools are unstoppable if we all work together.” -Katie Desrochers, Parent, […]

I was always impressed by what teachers expected of my kids

“Both of my kids are products of the public schools.  I was always impressed with what their teachers expected of them when it came to the quality of their work.  I never got the impression that school was too easy for them because I know their teachers expected a great […]

New Hampshire’s schools are its future

“New Hampshire’s schools are its future.  It’s our responsibility to husband this resource for our children.” -August Jones, retired software business owner, New Castle

New Hampshire’s public schools have many fine, talented teachers, wonderful staff, and caring alumni

“New Hampshire’s public schools are places of great pride that are staffed by many fine talented teachers, who are supported by wonderful staff and caring alumni/ae.  All combine forces to allow students to be the best they can. Our job as parents is to support them all in their day-to-day work […]