Americans Have Given Up on Public Schools. That’s a Mistake.

Early childhood educator and author Erika Christakis defended public schools and their role in American society in a recent article for The Atlantic. Here's an...

Rep. Tamara Le: SB 8 is fundamentally flawed and unconstitutional

Representative Tamara Le (Rock-31), a member of the House Education Committee, submitted this piece to Seacoast Online about Senate Bill 8, also known as...

Letter: Full-day kindergarten is an investment in the future

In a letter to the Concord Monitor, Newport resident Jaclyn Goddette writes that early childhood education programs, like full-day kindergarten, are one way to help...

Business leaders champion full-day kindergarten

The lead Nashua Telegraph editorial on May 3 said, "When business speaks, government should listen" about support for funding full day kindergarten. And on May 4, the House passed SB 191, amended to provide full funding for all day kindergarten.

Sens. David Watters and Jeb Bradley: Young NH students need full-day kindergarten

Today's Union Leader featured Sens. David Watters (D, Dover) and Jeb Bradley (R, Wolfboro) advocating for full day kindergarten: IT IS A BREATH OF FRESH...

On full day kindergarten: “Not every good thing must be provided by government”

The lead editorial in today's Union Leader said, The Senate Finance Committee will hold public hearings this week on the state’s two-year budget...... Sens. David Watters...

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