New Hampshire changes statewide assessment for students

New Hampshire students will not be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment in the spring, reported the Concord Monitor. The Department of Education has contracted...

N.H. Students Will Face New Standardized Test Next Spring

Next spring, New Hampshire students will be taking a new statewide assessment to replace the Smarter Balanced Assessment, reported NHPR: Now, with the help of...

State Board disagrees with the new commissioner’s proposed assessment change

The New Hampshire Department of Education has issued an RFP for a statewide assessment. The State Board of Education wanted to know why this happened so quickly with no notice or input from the field, especially when the ELA and math standards could be reviewed at the same time.

Achievement gap study: PACE special education students do as well as other students in...

UNH doctoral candidate Carla Evans looks at whether competency education improves academic achievement for special education students. She finds dramatic results: PACE students with IEPs do about as well in 8th grade math as those without IEPs.

Executive Council approves SAT for 11th graders–Union Leader

The Union Leader reported on the Executive Council's unanimous decision to approve the funding for the College Board SAT exam to be administered to...

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