About Us

Who we are

New Hampshire has always considered public education a precious civic asset. Reaching Higher NH’s mission is to foster that support for high standards in our public schools, giving all New Hampshire children the opportunity to prepare for college, for immediate careers, and for the challenges and opportunities of life in 21st Century New Hampshire. We serve as a nonpartisan 501c3 public education policy resource for New Hampshire families, educators, and elected officials.

What we do

We provide content and analysis on policy and legislation that impact NH public education, through straightforward, fact-based briefs, webinars, and other resources. Our briefs include background information, key takeaways, and questions to consider, so that all Granite Staters can thoughtfully consider, and engage on, education policy initiatives in our state.
We are a comprehensive news resource, providing Granite Staters with the latest headlines, research, and resources to become better engaged and informed on public education issues and how those issues might impact their communities.

We support and promote policy and practices that strengthen public education and improve educational outcomes for all NH students. We work with a diversity of stakeholders to further local innovation, raise public awareness, and support the following types of initiatives:

  • Student centered learning;
  • Competency education;
  • Project based learning;
  • Eliminating test prep and reducing high-stakes testing;
  • Innovative, locally-driven models of instruction and assessment;
  • Personalized career pathways;
  • 21st century skills; and,
  • Dropout prevention and recovery.
Public education touches each and every one of us. Students become employees, citizens and community leaders. Their success is our success. We bring together parents, students, educators, business leaders, community members and legislators– from every part of New Hampshire, to explore how every NH student can reach their full potential.