Webinar: What are the major factors that influence student learning in New Hampshire?

To answer this question, Reaching Higher NH set out on a two-year project to explore how family, community, and statewide factors impact learning, and begin to unpack how we can best support our students. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about our key findings. 

Education is more comprehensive and nuanced than a school building, a teacher, or even a student in an academic setting – it reflects and involves the entire community and context in which a student is learning and growing up. Our schools serve as hubs of learning – but they also have unique and unparalleled opportunities to address systemic barriers, helping to ensure that children arrive to class positioned and able to learn.

Explore our key findings with this four-part series, and use the interactive data visualizations to learn more about your own community: 

Check out our other resources and tools:

  • A comprehensive report, which uses five stories of New Hampshire families to guide readers through the project’s core findings and encourages them to consider their real-life implications;
  • Interactive data visualizations, which allow users to explore the data and information on their own communities;
  • Community and school district profiles, which help individuals build a better understanding of their own communities (to be released soon); and,
  • The methodology of the study, including appendices for our statistical models.

This webinar was recorded as part of an event held on January 14, 2020.