Union Leader supports new law giving parents prior notification of sex education


The Union Leader supported a new law that requires two weeks’ notice to parents before a school teaches sex ed in an editorial. Here’s an excerpt:

Parents may dread having “The Talk” with their children about where babies come from, but it must be even worse to be blind-sided when their kids start learning about sex in school.

Under a new law signed by Gov. Chris Sununu, school districts will notify parents at least two weeks ahead of time when they plan to include sex education in the curriculum.

Existing law lets parents exempt their children from objectionable course material, and work with the district to find alternatives. HB 103, signed into law Monday, does not change this provision. It simply requires school districts to give parents a heads up when the birds and the bees are going to be taught.

New Hampshire is the 23rd state, plus the District of Columbia, to adopt a parental notification requirement. Sununu stated that HB 103 would “further empower parents’ involvement in their child’s education.”

During floor debate over the bill, Rep. Mary Heath, D-Manchester, argued that HB 103 “jeopardizes the young people of New Hampshire’s ability to get the critical information they need to make healthy lifelong choices.”

What utter nonsense. Nothing in the new law prevents students from learning anything. It is pro-parent, not anti-education. The education establishment objected to giving parents more information about what and how their children would be taught such sensitive material.

Why would anyone object to parents knowing more about what’s going on in the classroom?

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