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Union Leader: Edelblut means reform

The Union Leader published an editorial supporting the nomination of former State Rep Frank Edelblut. Here’s an excerpt:

Reformers are starting to make progress in chipping away at the public education monopoly. The monopoly is fighting back.

In Concord, the public school bureaucracy senses a… threat [to public schools] from Frank Edelblut, Gov. Chris Sununu’s pick to head the Education Department.

Democratic Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky tried to smear Edelblut as “someone who fundamentally doesn’t believe in public education.”

The only evidence of such an absurd claim is that Edelblut and his wife chose to home-school their seven children.

Edelblut made the best choice for his family, and wants to give all New Hampshire families more options.

Neither DeVos nor Edelblut has experience inside the public education bureaucracy. Democrats consider this disqualifying. We find it refreshing.

Read the full editorial here.



Reaching Higher NH is a nonpartisan source for information related to education policy in New Hampshire. We will not take a position on the nomination of former State Rep Frank Edelblut. However, we will publish media coverage of his nomination, provided it is from a local and reputable news source or written by a current or former educator or school administrator. 

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