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“Workforce Accelerator 2025” will help students get real-world experience through career pathways

Thanks to a new partnership between businesses, schools, and local organizations, more students will have the chance to get real-world experiences and skills. According to a press release, the Business and Industry Association (BIA) is working with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and local schools to develop “career pathways.”

The pathways are designed to help students figure out what they want to do after graduation. By giving them real-world opportunities, businesses can help them build the skills they’ll need to succeed:

“Our role will be to keep them focused on the prize, so to speak,” said Jim Roche, president of the New Hampshire Business Industry Association. “We’re going to highlight companies and programs and encourage other companies to do the same. The more young people are exposed to job and career opportunities in New Hampshire, the more will stay put,” he said.

The outflow of young residents is becoming a major problem for New Hampshire. The skills gap is expanding, and with very low unemployment, businesses are having trouble growing–or even finding people to fill current open positions:

“New Hampshire needs to increase youth opportunity, so all of our kids get the education, training and guidance they need to grow into productive adults who will contribute to our communities and sustain our economy into the future,” said Charitable Foundation Vice President Katie Merrow. “And our employers need an educated and well-trained workforce, so they can continue to succeed, stay in New Hampshire and keep our economy and communities strong.”

“Right now, the top challenge facing employers of all sizes in every corner of the state is finding people with the right skills to fill existing job vacancies. Demographic changes to our state’s population mean this challenge will persist for years,” said BIA President Jim Roche. “Workforce Accelerator 2025 is a robust response by the Charitable Foundation and BIA to address this challenge.”

Fidelity Investments is one of the companies that is funding the Workforce Accelerator 2025 Initiative. They’re on the forefront of technological advances and have over 100 tech patents–and over 30 position openings at their Merrimack site alone:

“The alliance of businesses, government and colleges and universities is critical to ensure that we develop a workforce, both today and in the future, that is well educated and well prepared, and embraces the real career opportunities that exist here,” said Joe Murray, vice president of public affairs for Fidelity in Merrimack. “We hope additional businesses will see the value in this work and invest in its success.”

Read the full press release here.

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