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Getting Schooled: NH students tell us how they apply what they learned in class to their everyday lives.


Reaching Higher NH is committed to supporting NH’s public schools. We do this by creating a collaborative environment in which educators, families, community leaders and bipartisan lawmakers can explore how all NH students can reach their full potential. Our efforts can only be successful if the voices of the very people whom we are working to bolster, NH students, are heard. That is why, on November 15, we will be launching our first project to capture student voices.

The Get Schooled NH project will give students an opportunity to show how they stand out when it comes to creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication and self-direction. In other words, we want to give these amazing students and their schools the opportunity to “school” the rest of us in the values of learning deeply and being able to apply what is learned in the classroom to experiences and applications in their everyday lives.

The first round of schools were selected based on their demonstrated excellence in competency education initiatives. They are Spaulding High School, Sanborn Regional, Epping High School, Souhegan High School, Concord High School, Pittsfield Middle/High School and Profile Jr./Sr. High School.

As students move through this project, we will be digging deep into the skills of creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication, self-direction, and others that complement them. Keep an eye out for blog posts, resources, research, videos and more that examine each of them and how cultivating these skills is important for all of us.

Register for the contest and sign up for updates here.

Take a look at this short video to learn more:

Here’s how it works:

Students in teams of two, with the guidance of a teacher-mentor, will create a 2 minute video connecting a concept they have learned in class to their everyday lives. Videos will be evaluated on how well they demonstrate 21st century skills throughout the project and via their video submission. The 21st century skills evaluated are Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, and Self-Direction. After videos are submitted on January 15, the top 5 will be promoted online for a public vote. Winning teams and their teacher-mentors will receive cash prizes.

The opportunity for students:

  • Let NH see what has inspired you in the classroom.
  • Win cash prizes of up to $700 per student team.
  • Use critical thinking to demonstrate deep knowledge of a concept taught in class.
  • Develop increased awareness of the value of what you are learning and how this knowledge is useful in everyday life.
  • Increase working knowledge of 21st century skills like communication, creativity, collaboration, and self-direction.

The opportunity for teachers:

  • Be awarded a grant for up to $700 for an innovative project or materials you would like for your classroom.
  • Join your students and your school in being recognized publicly for excellence in education through innovation and active learning experiences.
  • Enjoy an opportunity to see the work you do every day come to life through the eyes of your students.

We hope to engage the entire NH community in this project from learning more about 21st-century skills, to seeing the great things NH students are learning, and of course voting on the top 5 videos! Be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram to follow along throughout the contest and vote for your favorite video. Got Questions? Email our amazing student intern team!

Check out rules, deadlines and submission info here.

Register for the contest and sign up for updates here.

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