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Second graders are unsinkable with NGSS

7 out of 10 schools across New Hampshire use the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to teach their students about science. This great NGSS infographic from Ed Week shows just how a second grade lesson on the properties of matter uses critical thinking and engineering principles to demonstrate buoyancy:

Lauren Madden, the author of the infographic and the Ed Week commentary blog, says this about NGSS:

Students of all ages best learn scientific ideas—and how they connect to each other—by engaging in the practices of real scientists and engineers. Learning by doing, designing solutions, and stepping back to see how the scientific ideas are connected to other things give students a more robust understanding of content. With the NGSS, teachers now have an opportunity to explore and approach broad ideas, rather than teaching singular units.

Giving students the opportunity to learn science through doing helps them learn the concepts deeply and in more meaningful ways.

Read the full article here.

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