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Merrimack parent: participation in assessments is essential

Merrimack parent Bonnie Dunham emphasized the importance of student participation in annual assessments in an opinion piece for the Concord Monitor:

The statewide assessments are the only regularly conducted monitoring activity that lets schools know whether they are meeting the needs of children with disabilities and children in the other subgroups as well as they are meeting the needs of their overall student population.

This information is critical in identifying unmet needs, so that schools, school districts, parents and other key stakeholders can work together to address any areas in which students (all students or specific groups of students) are underperforming.

On an individual child basis, each student’s assessment results inform the child’s teachers and parents about the academic areas in which the child is performing at grade level, and the areas where the child may need extra help in order to be successful.

Low participation puts federal funding for schools–especially programs like Title 1–at risk. As Bonnie highlighted, assessments are critical in finding out what’s going on in our schools, and where additional assistance is needed.

Read the full article here.

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