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Competency quickly becoming the standard in college admissions and hiring

Admissions offices and businesses agree: competency-based learning captures “the essence of education,” writes Campus News. That’s why both higher ed and the business sector are figuring out ways to incorporate student work into the hiring and admissions processes:

“Digital credentials, when paired with examples of real work, jumpstart high bandwidth conversations with the right applicants,” said Dan Hughes, president and COO at Learning Machine, in a prepared statement. “The world’s most creative schools are already asking applicants to demonstrate what they can do. Digital credentials are quickly becoming a standard part of the college admissions process and will increasingly be the common currency of a global job market.”

“As project-based learning and computational thinking become increasingly important, the limits of standardized tests are becoming clear,” said Chris Jagers, founder and CEO of Learning Machine, in a news release. “While useful to gauge broad measures, they can’t capture the essence of an education. The emerging standards around badges and digital credentials have begun to bring trusted evidence of skill and achievement to enrollment management and other competitive environments like hiring, residencies, and grant management.”

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