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The Concord Monitor does an initial review of the Smarter Balanced Assessment results

The Concord Monitor provided an upbeat assessment of the Smarter Balanced results released today by the New Hampshire Department of Education, saying that Granite State students “exceeded the national average” on the Smarter Balanced Assessment at almost every age category.  However, some clarification is needed.

There actually is no “national average” for these test results, though an average of the results in the 17 Smarter Balanced states may be tabulated in the future.  However, the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium did administer a field test to 4.3 million students last year and released national (but not state-by-state) field test results.  Here they are.  The field test results have been considered a projection of actual Smarter Balanced Assessment results and it is that projection that New Hampshire students have exceeded by a substantial margin.

With that clarification, here is what the Concord Monitor said:

…The results showed more New Hampshire students reaching higher achievement levels in English and math compared with national scores. The national numbers also had more students in the lowest achievement level than New Hampshire students.

In math, the state’s third-graders meeting or exceeding the achievement level scored 13 points better than students nationally. In eighth grade, they scored 12 points better, and in 11th grade, they scored 4 points better.

In language arts, the difference was more noticeable. New Hampshire’s third-graders in the top two categories scored 17 points better than students nationally, eighth-graders scored 17 points better and 11th-graders scored 19 points higher.

Read the full article here.


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