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Understanding your child’s Smarter Balanced Assessment results

There’s a lot more information than ever before in the reports you as parents are receiving about your children’s scores on the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The first thing to know is that it is just one of many ways to understand how your child is progressing. Your best resource is the teachers who work with your child every day. They have been using the assessment results to guide their teaching and have additional thoughts and insights about what the assessment results mean based on their understanding of your child and their day-to-day lessons together.

If you need more information to interpret the report itself, here is a detailed explanation of the report (and here is a glossary if you need it).

In addition, you can go to this TEST GUIDE to dig more deeply into each area of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  The Test Guid allows you to select your child’s grade and the results you want to dig more deeply into – 5th grade Math Concepts, for instance, or Research in the English Language section – and see what skills the assessment was measuring and where a child who did not get good results was having trouble.

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